Eric_ParkerWintensity was founded by Eric Parker with the goal of providing a unique training opportunity for all students of martial arts, including competitive MMA fighters, Muay Thai kickboxers, and Jiu Jitsu practitioners.  The unique live seminar training provided by Wintensity is designed to help martial artists gain a greater understanding of necessary mental preparation for any physical conflict, including competitive fighting.

After serving in the Marine Corps, Eric Parker entered the field of Law Enforcement.  Eric first worked as a communications officer for three years, and then served for ten years as a street patrol officer, a K9 officer, and a special operations police officer. During his time in Law Enforcement, Eric was a SWAT Team Member for eight years, and a SWAT Team Section Leader/SWAT Instructor for six years. Eric was also assigned for five years as a patrol K9 Handler. In May of 1999, Eric was wounded during a shoot-out while serving as a SWAT Team member and executing a high-risk narcotics search warrant.

Following five surgeries to reconstruct his left arm and nearly a year of occupational therapy, Eric returned to full duty and was soon involved in additional, similar incidents, and fortunately avoided further serious injury. These events, along with specific education in the anatomy and physiology of the human brain and the impact of critical stress upon physical performance, have laid the foundation for his passion for training in this environment.  Eric has a B.S. in Psychology with a continuing education focus on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and cognitive processes.

As his law enforcement career advanced, Eric was assigned to supervisory level duties and promoted to the rank of Sergeant. In addition to being detailed as a Special Operations officer, Eric also served as a trainer, a field training supervisor, and an instructor of department personnel, earning several certified instructorships. These instructorships include; Firearms Instructor, Patrol Rifle Instructor, Chemical Agents Instructor, Less-Lethal Munitions Instructor, Distraction Device Instructor, and Impact Weapon Instructor. Notably, Eric also worked in the private sector, providing specialized “critical incident survival” training to police agencies and military personnel with two Multi-Day courses he developed and entitled, “The Survival Mindset” and “Mental Preparation for Deadly-Force Encounters”.

Instructor Eric Parker has adjusted the critical “mental” aspects of these training courses, and combined them with his personal and professional experiences and his extensive experience teaching police officers and military personnel to survive and function at peak efficiency while under stress. Thus, Eric has created a seminar which is new to the world of martial artists, The Psychology of Combat and Effective Mental Preparation. It is truly the “missing piece” of the martial arts training puzzle.

This new seminar is specifically designed to educate and benefit competitive fighters and students of the martial arts by providing an easily understood, professionally produced seminar on how the human brain functions under stress, and how to build this new understanding into your physical training. The seminar blends the science of understanding human brain function, techniques from the field of sports psychology, and the personal and professional experiences of the instructor, to create an educational experience that will forever transform the way martial arts practitioners view their training. Eric will present this Seminar in a way that will enhance your understanding of physical conflict, and better prepare you to reach your goals in your martial arts training.

Eric began training in the martial arts at age six, and is
now 42 years old.
Eric_Parker_Belt_Photo_SMWith 36 years of continuous martial arts training, he still trains and teaches Muay Thai every day and trains in JiuJitsu several days every week.  Eric retired in 2012 from competitive kickboxing with an official record of 12-0 (7 wins by KO). Notably, Eric is the 2009 IKF Muay Thai Lightweight Amateur World Champion, the current ISKA United States Light-Welterweight Amateur Champion, and the current ISKA Florida State Light-Welterweight Amateur Champion.

Eric Parker left the field of law enforcement in 2004 to open a business in the private sector.  Eric now resides in Tampa where he works full-time building custom investment portfolios for clients at a large Wall Street investment firm, and also runs Wintensity with a rigorous travel schedule.  



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