On January 30th, 2010, Arizona State University, which offers an accredited MMA program, brought Eric Parker and Wintensity to the Phoenix Valley to conduct a psychological training seminar for the University's MMA students and instructor staff. 

The Wintensity seminar, The Psychology of Combat and Effective Mental Preparation, conducted at Arizona State University on January 30th, was a great success.  The MMA program at the University is lead by an experienced trainer, Charles Ward, Ph.D., and is full of talented university students, young fighters, and dedicated martial artists. 

For Wintensity founder Eric Parker, it was exciting to be contracted by such an esteemed university to instruct their students and personnel on the rapidly growing, new, and “cutting edge” mental preparation techniques developed and taught by Wintensity.

The Wintensity seminar is an exciting 4-hour presentation, which provides instruction on the psychological impact of human combat, and how the human brain functions under the stress of combat and physical exhaustion.  The seminar provides new, “Unconventional Methodology” to blend new psychological training techniques with the students’ current physical training to enhance peak physical performance under stress in the ring, in the cage, or in the street.  This seminar training program is being hailed as “revolutionary” in the world of MMA training.

ASU and Sun Devil Combat Sports recognizes that the Wintenstiy seminar is critical for fighters who train for competition, and excellent for any student of the martial arts who would like to learn more about what to expect from themselves in a “Real World” situation.  Each of the ASU students and training personnel were excellent participants of the seminar, and the educational experience was enjoyed by instructor and students, alike. 

Wintensity looks forward to a growing relationship with Arizona State University, trainer Charles Ward, Ph.D., and to many future seminars for each new semester of students.