Gracie Tampa, known by its excellent reputation for producing top-level UFC fighters, has announced that the Wintensity seminar, The Psychology of Combat and Effective Mental Preparation, is now mandatory for anyone wishing to compete under the Gracie Tampa name. 

Gracie Tampa's owner and Head Instructor Rob Kahn (Royce Gracie Black Belt) implemented the policy mandating completion of the seminar for all of his fighters, following his own attendance at a Wintensity seminar on April 24th.  

Rob Kahn had this to say about the Wintensity seminar, "The Wintensity seminar, The Psychology of Combat, should be mandatory for everyone who is thinking of competing!   Everybody says that fighting/competing is 95% mental but until now, nobody has addressed the mental side of the game!  I wish I had this information 10 years ago!  Eric Parker’s course is well thought out, easy to understand and incredibly informative.  The Wintensity seminar is now mandatory for anyone fighting out of Gracie Tampa."

Co-Owner and Head Trainer of Gracie Tampa South, Matt "No Regard" Arroyo (UFC Fighter and featured on The Ultimate Fighter, Season 6), has now twice attended the Wintensity seminar and has also made this training required for his fighters. 

Gracie Tampa and Gracie Tampa South can each be reached by visiting thier website at or by calling 813-333-0619.