See what others are saying about Wintensity's Seminar, The Psychology of Combat. 

 "Wintensity is like college for combat sports."

Din Thomas"I just returned to the cage for my first fight in more than 2 years. I definitely used some of the tips from Wintensity to help me capitalize on the situation and secure victory.

Thanks to Eric Parker for his help.  

Wintensity is like college for combat sports."

Din "Dinyero" Thomas
Pro MMA Legend  
Record 26-8
Multiple Time UFC Veteran
The Ultimate Fighter Television Show Veteran 
Owner at American Top Team  

Din Thomas is one of the funniest guys in MMA.  
CLICK HERE to see Din Thomas describe WINTENSITY in his own way.  And, catch up on some of his nicknames...
(OK, another one...  But just one more!)
CLICK HERE to see Din Thomas present his secret to maintaining the body of Adonis.  The DINYERO DIET  

MATT-ARROYOIf you ever plan on fighting MMA or competing at any level, you owe it to yourself to go to the Wintensity seminar. Eric Parker has a straight-forward style of teaching, and broke down the content so that I understood him and was engaged the whole time.

If you don’t know how the brain works under stress (fighting) and what you can do to control it, you will never reach your full potential in competition. I wish the Wintensity seminar was around when I first started competing!!!”

-Matt "No Regard" Arroyo


Matt Arroyo
Professional MMA Fighter
Owner & Head Instructor, Gracie Tampa South
UFC Veteran
Featured: The Ultimate Fighter, Season 6, Spike TV
Featured: UFC Undisputed, Video Game
Phone: 813.787.2194
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Adrian "The Bully" Woolley
W-1 World Champion
 Professional MMA Fighter and Police Officer

adrian"Have you ever wondered how we as humans are hard wired and why we do what we do under critical levels of stress?  If so, then You need to take Eric Parker's Wintensity Seminar; The Psychology of Combat.  

During the seminar, Eric teaches you to tap into an arsenal of mental tools you already had but didn’t realize you could access in training, or under the pressure of a real event.  Eric’s enthusiasm is rivaled not only by his knowledge for mental preparation, but by his unique life experiences, as well.

I would highly recommend this seminar for anyone in Law Enforcement or professional fighting!!"

Adrian Woolley

W-1 World Bantamweight Champion
Five Time Canadian National Wrestling Team Member
Former TKO World Bantamweight Title Holder
1997 PanAm Games Bronze Medalist

Police Officer adrianwoolley

Contact Info:
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(905) 609-2505


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Adrian "The Bully" Woolley in action!

Rob Kahn Photo"Eric Parker’s Wintensity seminar, The Psychology of Combat, should be mandatory for everyone who is thinking of competing!   Everybody says that fighting/competing is 95% mental but until now, nobody has addressed the mental side of the game! 

I wish I had this information 10 years ago!  Eric’s course is well thought out, easy to understand and incredibly informative.   The Wintensity seminar is now mandatory for anyone fighting out of Gracie Tampa."  

 -Rob Kahn

Rob Kahn
Royce Gracie Black Belt
Gracie Tampa Head Instructor


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